Halte is a training experience that adapts to your reality.

Feel the impact throughout your organization.

New roles to take on. New challenges to face. Growth to sustain. Organizational or individual transformation to initiate. Working life requires us to have the ability to develop our skills. And what would you say if your working life actually gave you the chance to pause and step back – in other words, to take a HALT?

In contrast to canned training or concepts that are not especially applicable and unlike paths that are only approximate / poorly adapted / more or less improvised, Halte works with you to build a tailor-made experience for the key employees in your organization – an experience that is particularly focused on a concern to “create more space between people and their machines.”

The time you devote to training is precious. Our trainers are recognized for their commitment and client-side experience and invite you to reap specific benefits.

The Halte Experience

Ideal content.

Ideal setting.

Ideal pace.

When you offer your teams the Halte Experience, you’re giving them a training investment opportunity of unparalleled relevance – with a starting point adapted to their specific needs and progress measurements along the way.

Based on carefully defined business objectives, our specialists work with you to build a consistent training plan that can include both technical and management skills development as well as individual, team and organizational transformation – all based on leading-edge concepts and adult instructional methods. For example: managerial courage through fear management, priority management according to our circadian and ultradian rhythms, etc.

Everything is possible: it’s YOUR program

Online, at your office, off-site... We multiply the possibilities to allow you to better address identified needs with a great variety of programs, such as thematic workshops, co-development meetings and follow-up exercises designed to consolidate learning – all of which provides stimulation for the head (theory), the heart (introspection) and the legs (practice).

Whether it’s showing vulnerability in front of their peers or asking for support from their managers, all participants can expect to be challenged, to step out of their comfort zone, to learn to surprise themselves and to come away equipped with better tools!

Our services

What form will your Halte take?

Fully customizable and developed in co-creation mode with each organization, our training solutions can be summarized in five intervention models.


Leadership Development

Our approach focuses on self-knowledge (strengths and blind spots), juxtaposed with the company’s performance needs, to foster the emergence of leaders who feel at home and inspire others through their authenticity.


Management Training

Facing the camera, participants are led to develop the competencies they need through a process that involves individual training or paths and includes various awareness-raising and psychometric tests.



Whether it’s in the form of executive, management, team or integration coaching, the structured and personalized support offered by our ICF-certified coaches allows you to learn adapted tools that will help you better face the challenges specific to a position, a team or an organization.


Train the Trainer

Our analysis of the role of internal trainers enables us to improve their tools and methodologies as needed and to suggest various activities or experiences that are likely to bring the company closer to achieving its ambitions.


Development of an Internal Training Centre

From missions and operational structures to technological tools and creation of content and paths, we advise and support organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.


Want to talk about your projects?

With the Halte Program, we believe that the best training path begins with an introduction to your organizational culture, an overview of your past experiences, a snapshot of your business objectives and an initial introduction to potential participants.

Need more information? Want to discuss your requirements? Contact our partner and practice leader:

Marie-Hélène Langlois, CRHA,